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How to simultaneously use charge the phone and listen music in Oneplus [tips& trics]

Oneplus has killed 3.5mm headphone jack in their last flagship phone OnePlus 6t. But for the Indian consumers, it is so sad news. Because of majority want to use their existing earphones. In 2019 Bluetooth earphones might be in trends but still, majority love to use 3.5mm headphones while traveling or anywhere else. Although oneplus provide a headphone which is wireless style. But you cannot use that headphone while you charging your device.

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Incase anyone wants to listen to their headphones and charge at the same time, I have these and they work 

I tested ones with built-in DAC’s and it doesn’t work, but these cheap 8 dollar ones do.

I know they don’t say that they work with One plus but I have these two and have no issues. And no this isn’t a sponsored post or something, just wanted to share so no one else has to waste money.


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